Regional Expertise

BSC Rod Lift Solutions has the regional expertise needed to accurately diagnose and correct any poor run life issues with your equipment. Poor run life ultimately leads to downtime and increased work-over costs, and we work diligently to prevent that.


Sandy conditions mixed with corrosion and formation issues in this region pose issues to well application, and our experts can help.

Rocky Mountain

Horizontal wells with longer than normal stroke lengths, heavy particulate laden fluids, and corrosive environments are no match for our experts in the Rockies.

South Texas

Our experts are familiar with the challenges faced in South Texas Regions, including deviated wells and high gas content. We work with you to ensure you have the right equipment and parts to keep your operation running smoothly.

Permian basin

Multiple zone formation wells, horizontal wells, and corrosion call for superior equipment and service, and we’re there to help no matter the issue.


High particulate counts and corrosive pumping environments in this region call for special considerations when choosing a rod pump application design. Our experts will help you find the right design for your operation.