Pump School & Implementation Support

At BSC Rod Lift Solutions we believe that knowledge is power. While these are many different variations in application and pump design, it is crucial that you and your team understand the fundamentals. We are pleased to offer both “Lunch & Learn” and “1 Day Pump School” education sessions for existing and potential partners.

Lunch & Learn

We bring lunch and you bring questions. here we will give your team a brief overview of what a rod pump is, why it’s popular, and answer any questions that your team may have.

1-Day Pump School

With a full day pump school, our experts will come to your site or office and provide more detailed information on a host of topics including:

  • 5 basic parts of a pump
  • Application – Pump Design
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Specialty applications for gas and sand Animated examples of down-hole conditions
  • API Method of Pump Designation

Installation Assistant Support & Training

Our experts are familiar with the challenges faced in South Texas Regions, including deviated well and high gas content. We work with you to ensure you have the right equipment and parts to keep your operation running smoothly.